September 24, 2016

Important Stuff

The year it all started 5 years ago 💜
Sooo we are very old-school and our wedding in particular has no necessary formalities.    We were  unaware of the need for a website so I will give it my best shot with under 115 days left. I hope you enjoy and PLEASE feel free to add to the guest book or upload photos!  Some things to think about
*Formal  invites are on there  way ( to my house to be addressed) but you will get them soon.
*The style of the wedding is relaxed bohemian but please no tuxedos and definitely no jeans either.
*I as well as most of the bridal party will be barefoot for the I dos but the reception is in a restaurant so you will need footwear eventually.
*There  will be a cocktail hour, dinner, and a DJ and we have one of the best chefs I know working with us so please come Hungry.
* On your RSVP I requested a song you'd like to hear but comment under the GB if possible.
* It is a mostly adult reception- our main goal is to have a relaxed -Danielle and Marc kind of wedding. But in no way is this a mockery. 
*We are getting married outside our way and partying it up inside with the people we love most. It is so important to us that our family and friends are present for this event. The Crafthouse will be the venue for both - sorry it will be a cash bar, ( with great beer and cocktail selections!!
*We are running out of time if any of my girl or guy friends or family can help please let me know - Audrey and I are doing a lot on our own! Like I said please  add to this  website - if possible comment for the play list or especially add pictures or ideas love you all!
Dee and Marc